Ten Questions Successful People Ask Every Day – David K. Williams, Forbes


Great questions for reflection!


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How Yoga Might Save the US Trillions of Dollars and a Lot of Lives – Alice G. Walton, Forbes Magazine


“Scientific evidence is mounting daily for what many have long sensed: that practices like mindfulness, meditation, and yoga can help us address certain intractable individual and societal problems. Prominent companies – Google, General Mills, Target, Apple, Nike, AOL, and Procter & Gamble among them – and prominent individuals have already embraced this possibility. Tim Ryan, the Ohio congressman who wrote the book A Mindful Nation, has been a big proponent of bringing mindfulness to the masses. He, along with others, believes that mindfulness should be a part of everyone’s day, to help wire our brains to deal with our many modern stressors.”


The Effects of Yoga on Major Psychiatric Disorders


“Yoga has positive effects on mild depression and sleep complaints, even in the absence of drug treatments, and improves symptoms associated with schizophrenia and ADHD in patients on medication, according to a systematic review of the exercise on major clinical psychiatric disorders.”
Read more at http://scienceblog.com/59341/effects-of-yoga-on-major-psychiatric-disorders/#7g7Ov2YmAO3gBVr6.99